Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mia's Day

MOM got up late AGAIN. I was SO hungry. Then she LEFT me and my sister to go somewhere in the car. She was gone FOREVER. I tried to be chill like Bailey but I was way BORED. I really wanted to eat the cat but she's mean and scary so I just laid around instead.

Mommy came home and I was HAPPY! She took me outside but she let BAILEY off the leash instead of me. POOOOO!!!! But I did get some good sniffin' in!

Then we came inside. She was petting BAILEY and TILWYN-grump on the couch but NOT ME!!! So I tried to jump up and sit on Bailey to move her butt over- I WANTED the attention MORE! But  mom pushed me to the side. Doesn't she love me!?!

Well, the answer is no because then she got treats but didn't just give me one- I had to have her stupid finger in my mouth, brushing my teeth or something first. That was gross. But I got a TREAT!!! YUM!!!

Now I am taking up all Bailey's space under the desk, hoping she'll get sick of me and go lie down somewhere else. At least snuggling is warm. If mom does go to the movie later, I'll have to get in the crate. Which is okay. Because I'll get a TREAT!'s like almost 4:00....I'M HUNGRY. MOMMY FEED MEEEEE!!!!


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