Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bailey says hi

Wow. I forgot about my blog. I need to keep up with this thing more regularly. I read the things I wrote before and life hasn't changed much. I ran away for a few days about a month ago. Grandma had Mia and I out in the yard with our leashes on but not tied up. I smelled a delicious rabbit so I ran toward it, trying to catch up with it. Mia followed me. I didn't even hear grandma calling me! By the time I realized I was far away from home I was already on the adventure and I didn't want to stop. I had Mia with me so it was ok to keep looking around.

Mia was lame when it got dark. I think she was scared. She left me to go back home. I wasn't ready to go back home yet so I didn't follow her. What I did is a secret that I won't tell but I will say I had fun. I came home after another dark time. I was starving so I was glad the door to the garage was open. When I walked in mommy opened the door to the house and smiled when she saw me! It was great to walk inside and see all my people and doggie family. Running away was fun but I don't think I want to be away from food for that long again. Plus I don't think mom will let me out without a leash tied up ever again. That's what she tells me anyway.

That's ok because it is really hot right now. I like to go outside but then when I'm out there I get tired and thirsty really quick. I think I love air conditioning. People think I'm a lazy dog because I like to lay around and not much gets me up and moving. Mostly food will. A trip to the park or going for a walk is exciting, though! I like to exercise, I just like to be lazy too!

Today and tomorrow my mom will be gone most of the day. I miss her when she's gone all day. I like when she comes home; we get to lie around in her bed while she watches that funny box with pictures and I sleep and dream and kick her a little. It is much easier to sleep when she is around, I feel more relaxed and happy. Mia too, I can tell. That girl is high strung 85% of the time, I swear.

Thursday, though, I think we get to go to Nana and Papa's. Yey! I like visiting. They give us lots of treats while we are there and we get to lie on our special beds in the basement while mommy uses that funny machine to make blankets and bags. I am excited for Thursday. 


Monday, February 21, 2011


I have not been feeling well. I know Mommy has noticed but it didn't really hit me until Sunday morning. I have had very little to eat since then so I am starving, but I think Mom knows what she is doing. She said 24 hour fast, then slowly introduce a bland diet. Small meals, frequently, she said. Okay, but I am still hungry. Then again, my belly feels funny so maybe I shouldn't eat a bunch. The chicken broth she gave me was good. She said I have to keep my fluids up. Boo, being sick is no fun!

I did get to go to Nana's on Sunday, that was fun. Papa couldn't give me a bunch of cookies like normal because of my tummy but Mom kept everything in that one little room in the basement with the heater on so it was nice and warm for once. I even took a snoozer under the table. I caught a spider too, I had it pinned down in a corner! Mom smushed it though, so I couldn't play with it and ultimately eat it, which was my plan.

Then it started snowing. And snowing. And snowing. Even though I didn't feel great, I did run around in the snow. I like to flick it up with my nose while I'm running. My nose gets super cold but it's super fun! Mom grumbled a lot about the amount of snow but I think this morning she was happy she didn't have to leave us to go to school. Of course, with me being sick, she has to go out every couple of hours, but she didn't have to drive into school!

Well, time for a nap- sleep makes all things better, that's what I say!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bailey has a thought

So mom is thinking she might impart some knowledge to me and my sis about stuff she learns at work. Really, I'd prefer to just sleep when she gets home but if she wants to talk to me, who am I to deny her? She's my mom, I'll do what she says. And I guess I do like when she talks to me, especially if she rubs my belly at the same time. So mom, here's what I propose- you can tell me all your knowledge as long as you rub my belly while you do so. Deal?

First thing's first. Why do people who buy pure bred dogs look down upon people that don't? I guess this isn't a general rule, but those pure bred people certainly do wince when you say your dog is some sort of mix. I've seen it. Pure bred is synomous with inbred in my opinion. Its very sad if you think about it, all the poor, homeless dogs and puppies out there that need a good family and people spend money at pet stores or backyard breeders for a "pure" puppy because they don't think they'll have problems. I'm glad mommy didn't think that way; I was dropped off at a shelter by someone who didn't want me when I was very young. I was a poor, scared, unwanted doggie when mommy saved me. That's a story for another time, but if she hadn't rescued me, she wouldn't have gotten the greatest dog in the world. Just because we're rescue dogs, doesn't mean we're broken!

The other side of my soap box is a story my mom likes to tell. It's her 'favorite' when someone spends hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a "designer" mutt. "Oh, that's a cute dog, is she a labradoodle?" "No it's a GOLDENdoodle." They are so offended, like there is a difference or something. Call it what you want, you're goldendoodle is just as much of a mutt as I am. And probably more hyper and has more medical problems than I do as well. Hope you plan on investing another couple thou into that dog for training and vet bills! Humans are silly, silly creatures.

I like being a mutt. My mom had my DNA tested because I was listed on my vet records as a pitt-mix. She liked that I was a pitt mix because I broke all preconceived notions of what a pittbull dog is. I am so calm, laid back, and nice but I look like a pitty! People were baffled. But she realized that it might be hard to go to daycares or get insurance if I was listed that way and I look like so many different breeds, she wanted to list me as something else. So she stuck cotton swabs in my mouth (yuck) and sent them in. They only send back the top 5 percentage breeds you are. After she got the results mom insists I'm a "Heinz-57" whatever that means other than she didn't think they listed all the breeds in me. But she laughs whenn she talks about the results because my largest percentage DNA is that of a Bichon Frise. Aren't those fluffily white dogs that are the size of my pinky toe? Why yes, yes they are. So now mom likes to call me her Bichon mix. Haha!

Bichon Frise. We're twins, right?

I guess my next highest percent was Bulldog and Rottweiler, which, as far as looks go, are little more appropriate (I think I am now listed as an American Bulldog mix). I think the bulldog DNA makes me "big boned" as momma says (or "fat" if your name is Mia). Grandma says I have the "nanny" temperament of the Rotty and Mom says my noggin' looks like one. The only Rotty I met was General from the dog park in Georgia. I was too timid to play with him at the time (he was really big) but he seemed to be a real cool guy. Momma liked him a lot, he loved to get people attention.

Lastly, I have some Bull Terrior (which Mom thinks is pitt bull terrier, they just don't put that on the certificate) and Chow. That must be my spotted tongue and soft fur, the Chow part. Mom insists I have Boxer in me but it's just not in my 5 top DNA percents.

Whatever my breeds, I still get good food, lots of affection, and I get to sleep in momma's bed while she's on the computer so cheers for me. But, shhhhh! Don't tell grandma about the bed!

Well, for being so many "dangerous" breeds in one dog, I certainly am the most submissive, patient dog ever, according to Mom. She always tells me I'm her favorite and the most beautifulest dog ever but we have to keep it a secret from Mia. The girl is already an attention hound, don't want to add jealously to her list of neuroses.

I am so cute when I smile!

Mia's Mornings Musings

Question! Why does mom take SO LONG to get up in the morning? I mean, I lick her fingers, I ram my butt into the side of her bed, and I even stand and just STARE at her while she's sleeping and she STILL doesn't get up for another 45 minutes! Mom is so lame in the mornings.

Then we have to wait for her to get ready. Geez she is SLOW. But I know, as soon as she puts on her socks, it's time to go. I like to stick my nose right in her face when she bends down to put on her socks, just so knows that I KNOW its time to go. Then I wait on the landing until she opens the door downstairs. Bailey likes to wait at the bottom of the stairs but I wait at the top because a)Bailey has a big BUTT and b) I like to go down the stairs and out the door in one quick gallop, WHOOOO!

My favorite part of the mornings is when Mom FEEDS us. I get so excited I can't hardly sit still. Mom calls me wiggle butt but I don't care, I just want to eat FOOD!! Then she usually leaves and Bailey and I lie on the couch and sleep for most of the morning. Sometimes we say hi to Grandma, but mostly we sleep.

So, in summary, mornings are TERRIBLE until we get fed. Mom is way to slow and lazy. If she didn't feed me, I might have to get rid of her. JUST KIDDING! I love Mommy. When she feeds me.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bailey's Week

Well, it's been a while since I had a chance to sit and rest. See, mom's been taking us to Nana and Papa's all week. It' so much fun to ride in the car but it's so cold out that mom won't let us run in the snow. It's such a bummer. But I found some great new places in Nana's house. I love sitting in front of the little grate in the kitchen but my NEW favorite place is in front of the wood stove in the sun room. It's so nice and warm! I would rather hang out there than with mom in the basement. It's cold down there!

It is very nice seeing Mommy more this week. Usually she is here and gone, this week has been different. She goes in the morning but she is back to hang out with us in the afternoon. It's nice to hang out with Mom, she hasn't been around much since we had that really long car trip up to this new home.

Mia still hasn't gotten control of her barker. She makes such loud noises for no reason. I wish she'd grow out of that. People were coming over and she was just barking at them in the window- loud noises startle me! It's just people! They usually smell good and pet my belly so I don't mind them so much. She also is still pushing me out of the way to get attention- but if I'm patient I usually get good attention too.

I did get in trouble though! I was soooo tired one night and the couch looked so good at Nana's. I didn't notice Papa was sitting at the table until I jumped up. He looked over and boy did he get after me! I felt so bad I went and sat by mom in the other room and hid my nose in my paws. I was just trying to be comfortable!!!

Well, I just finished my super special treat mom gives Mia and I for our teeth and now I'm settling in under the desk for a good snooze. I don't mind Mia being so close, it's been too cold lately! Hopefully this weekend will be as good as this week. Maybe it will be warmer...more outside time!!


Monday, January 31, 2011

Mia's Sunday

We got to ride in the CAR on Sunday! I LOVE the CAR. I don't care where we go, as long as we go TOGETHER. Bailey and I were in the back and when we stopped we were at NANA's. YEY TREATS FROM PAPA!

We went inside but I didn't see Papa, I couldn't find him. But someone called my name, it was that Sherry lady who likes to scratch me. She's cool so I went to visit her but she had another person down there. I didn't know her and I don't LIKE people I don't know. I have TRUST issues, you know. But I just sniffed her and sat by mommy.

BUT THEN she appeared as if from NOWHERE in the doorway and I GROWLED cause she scared the BEJEEZES out of me. Don't sneak up on me lady! So Mom took Bailey and I upstairs til that strange lady and Sherry left. Then it was business as usual at Nana's which was BORING.

Papa gave us our treats at good moments, he's a good human. I like that guy. And Nana sneaks us food while she's cooking, she's a good human too. Bailey did find our ropes and balls and I played a bit on my own but you know, I can only entertain myself SO LONG in that hard floored, cold basement. I was SOOOO happy to get back in the car and go home so I could tease Tilwyn and chase the cat. Mmmm, cat.

Maybe next week we won't stay as long, just long enough for FOOD. Mom's gotta stop that SEWING stuff, it cramps my laying-under-the-desk-being-lazy style.



Sunday we got to go see Nana and Papa. I like going over there, it's quiet and easy to look out the window. Mom even lets me go off the leash in the backyard a bit so I can dig around in the snow. She's so nice. And Papa gives us lots of treats. Nana sneaks us some too, though Mom doesn't know about those. The best part about Nana and Papa's is all the open space. You can lay around or get feisty and there's plenty of room to do it in.

I will say I am grateful when it's time to go, though. I would like to explore more but Mom says it's too cold. I am glad to get home and snuggle in bed at night. Nana's is fun, but there's no place like home.