Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mia's Mornings Musings

Question! Why does mom take SO LONG to get up in the morning? I mean, I lick her fingers, I ram my butt into the side of her bed, and I even stand and just STARE at her while she's sleeping and she STILL doesn't get up for another 45 minutes! Mom is so lame in the mornings.

Then we have to wait for her to get ready. Geez she is SLOW. But I know, as soon as she puts on her socks, it's time to go. I like to stick my nose right in her face when she bends down to put on her socks, just so knows that I KNOW its time to go. Then I wait on the landing until she opens the door downstairs. Bailey likes to wait at the bottom of the stairs but I wait at the top because a)Bailey has a big BUTT and b) I like to go down the stairs and out the door in one quick gallop, WHOOOO!

My favorite part of the mornings is when Mom FEEDS us. I get so excited I can't hardly sit still. Mom calls me wiggle butt but I don't care, I just want to eat FOOD!! Then she usually leaves and Bailey and I lie on the couch and sleep for most of the morning. Sometimes we say hi to Grandma, but mostly we sleep.

So, in summary, mornings are TERRIBLE until we get fed. Mom is way to slow and lazy. If she didn't feed me, I might have to get rid of her. JUST KIDDING! I love Mommy. When she feeds me.


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