Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bailey's Week

Well, it's been a while since I had a chance to sit and rest. See, mom's been taking us to Nana and Papa's all week. It' so much fun to ride in the car but it's so cold out that mom won't let us run in the snow. It's such a bummer. But I found some great new places in Nana's house. I love sitting in front of the little grate in the kitchen but my NEW favorite place is in front of the wood stove in the sun room. It's so nice and warm! I would rather hang out there than with mom in the basement. It's cold down there!

It is very nice seeing Mommy more this week. Usually she is here and gone, this week has been different. She goes in the morning but she is back to hang out with us in the afternoon. It's nice to hang out with Mom, she hasn't been around much since we had that really long car trip up to this new home.

Mia still hasn't gotten control of her barker. She makes such loud noises for no reason. I wish she'd grow out of that. People were coming over and she was just barking at them in the window- loud noises startle me! It's just people! They usually smell good and pet my belly so I don't mind them so much. She also is still pushing me out of the way to get attention- but if I'm patient I usually get good attention too.

I did get in trouble though! I was soooo tired one night and the couch looked so good at Nana's. I didn't notice Papa was sitting at the table until I jumped up. He looked over and boy did he get after me! I felt so bad I went and sat by mom in the other room and hid my nose in my paws. I was just trying to be comfortable!!!

Well, I just finished my super special treat mom gives Mia and I for our teeth and now I'm settling in under the desk for a good snooze. I don't mind Mia being so close, it's been too cold lately! Hopefully this weekend will be as good as this week. Maybe it will be warmer...more outside time!!


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