Monday, January 31, 2011

Mia's Sunday

We got to ride in the CAR on Sunday! I LOVE the CAR. I don't care where we go, as long as we go TOGETHER. Bailey and I were in the back and when we stopped we were at NANA's. YEY TREATS FROM PAPA!

We went inside but I didn't see Papa, I couldn't find him. But someone called my name, it was that Sherry lady who likes to scratch me. She's cool so I went to visit her but she had another person down there. I didn't know her and I don't LIKE people I don't know. I have TRUST issues, you know. But I just sniffed her and sat by mommy.

BUT THEN she appeared as if from NOWHERE in the doorway and I GROWLED cause she scared the BEJEEZES out of me. Don't sneak up on me lady! So Mom took Bailey and I upstairs til that strange lady and Sherry left. Then it was business as usual at Nana's which was BORING.

Papa gave us our treats at good moments, he's a good human. I like that guy. And Nana sneaks us food while she's cooking, she's a good human too. Bailey did find our ropes and balls and I played a bit on my own but you know, I can only entertain myself SO LONG in that hard floored, cold basement. I was SOOOO happy to get back in the car and go home so I could tease Tilwyn and chase the cat. Mmmm, cat.

Maybe next week we won't stay as long, just long enough for FOOD. Mom's gotta stop that SEWING stuff, it cramps my laying-under-the-desk-being-lazy style.


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