Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bailey says hi

Wow. I forgot about my blog. I need to keep up with this thing more regularly. I read the things I wrote before and life hasn't changed much. I ran away for a few days about a month ago. Grandma had Mia and I out in the yard with our leashes on but not tied up. I smelled a delicious rabbit so I ran toward it, trying to catch up with it. Mia followed me. I didn't even hear grandma calling me! By the time I realized I was far away from home I was already on the adventure and I didn't want to stop. I had Mia with me so it was ok to keep looking around.

Mia was lame when it got dark. I think she was scared. She left me to go back home. I wasn't ready to go back home yet so I didn't follow her. What I did is a secret that I won't tell but I will say I had fun. I came home after another dark time. I was starving so I was glad the door to the garage was open. When I walked in mommy opened the door to the house and smiled when she saw me! It was great to walk inside and see all my people and doggie family. Running away was fun but I don't think I want to be away from food for that long again. Plus I don't think mom will let me out without a leash tied up ever again. That's what she tells me anyway.

That's ok because it is really hot right now. I like to go outside but then when I'm out there I get tired and thirsty really quick. I think I love air conditioning. People think I'm a lazy dog because I like to lay around and not much gets me up and moving. Mostly food will. A trip to the park or going for a walk is exciting, though! I like to exercise, I just like to be lazy too!

Today and tomorrow my mom will be gone most of the day. I miss her when she's gone all day. I like when she comes home; we get to lie around in her bed while she watches that funny box with pictures and I sleep and dream and kick her a little. It is much easier to sleep when she is around, I feel more relaxed and happy. Mia too, I can tell. That girl is high strung 85% of the time, I swear.

Thursday, though, I think we get to go to Nana and Papa's. Yey! I like visiting. They give us lots of treats while we are there and we get to lie on our special beds in the basement while mommy uses that funny machine to make blankets and bags. I am excited for Thursday. 


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