Monday, February 21, 2011


I have not been feeling well. I know Mommy has noticed but it didn't really hit me until Sunday morning. I have had very little to eat since then so I am starving, but I think Mom knows what she is doing. She said 24 hour fast, then slowly introduce a bland diet. Small meals, frequently, she said. Okay, but I am still hungry. Then again, my belly feels funny so maybe I shouldn't eat a bunch. The chicken broth she gave me was good. She said I have to keep my fluids up. Boo, being sick is no fun!

I did get to go to Nana's on Sunday, that was fun. Papa couldn't give me a bunch of cookies like normal because of my tummy but Mom kept everything in that one little room in the basement with the heater on so it was nice and warm for once. I even took a snoozer under the table. I caught a spider too, I had it pinned down in a corner! Mom smushed it though, so I couldn't play with it and ultimately eat it, which was my plan.

Then it started snowing. And snowing. And snowing. Even though I didn't feel great, I did run around in the snow. I like to flick it up with my nose while I'm running. My nose gets super cold but it's super fun! Mom grumbled a lot about the amount of snow but I think this morning she was happy she didn't have to leave us to go to school. Of course, with me being sick, she has to go out every couple of hours, but she didn't have to drive into school!

Well, time for a nap- sleep makes all things better, that's what I say!


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